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January 21 – Day 4

My first day of retirement.  I slept in and then went down to Joe’s for breakfast.  In future I will probably eat at home and just get coffee while I talk to the other guys who have been laid off or are retired or are local home improvement contractors.  I drove down this morning but plan to walk down to the Aquatic Fitness Center which I joined before going to work on Wednesday.  I’ll work out and/or swim before going to Joe’s for a cup of coffee.

My friends at Joe’ s (and Joe)  were very supportive.  They are looking forward to seeing me more often.   I talked to them  about lawyers that they like. Will do the same with others until I arrive at a consensus about which lawyer to contact.

Ran some errands and enjoyed the fact that it was Friday and not a busy Saturday.

I dropped by  a friend’s house for a cup of coffee and we had a good visit.  He encouraged me to drop by more often and I told him I will definitely drop by more often.

Went home and let the dogs out.  They are enjoying the fact that I am sleeping in and home more.

All and all a good first day.  After talking to folks around town one lawyer’s name kept coming up so I called and made an appointment.  I’ll have him review my severance agreement before I sign it.

As I think about the weekend I keep reminding myself that I can enjoy the weekend now and leave all my errands for weekdays.   I think I am going to like being retired.





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January 20 – Day 3

Today I felt even more relaxed and can’t wait for the transition to be completed so I don’t have to make this commute!

Decided to pack the car as soon as I got to work which I did.

Had a nice lunch at Thai Farm and managed to complete everything I wanted to by 4:00 so I got a jump on rush hour.

I was asked if I wanted to come back next week for a lunch with my team and some other folks that wanted to be part of a lunch for me. I said I would be delighted to come back for lunch.

Notified my personnel supervisor that I was done and turned in my badge and my blackberry.  Stopped by HR to ask a couple of questions.

Was surprised at how easy it was to walk out of the office the last time and then out of the building.  Said goodbye to my staff before I left.  They have been very supportive and shared nice sentiments with me over the last couple of days. I will treasure their thoughts.

I will have to get a new cell phone. A friend told me about Consumer Cellular where I could get a cheap plan and a free phone and accessories. That should be enough for me — something that will let family members contact me in an emergency.

Decided that I wanted to have a lawyer review my severance agreement before I signed it and decided to get a Greenbelt lawyer.

I feel as though I have gotten my life back!


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January 19 – Day 2

What a day this has been!  As soon as I woke up,  I noticed the reduction in my stress level. I also enjoyed knowing that I would get to work when I got there.  I felt rested and was already regretting that I had agreed to this two-day transition. By the time I got to work it was clear that word had spread through the grapevine.  I immediately started receiving calls wishing me well and expressing concern and sorrow that I would no longer to be around.

I guess this was to be expected after 30 years, but it was great to experience the sheer volume of people who called or came to my office. A good friend took me out to lunch at That’s Amore and I really enjoyed it.  I ended up staying until after 7:00 to make sure I completed everything I wanted to complete that day.

Two of my favorite people at work invited me to lunch tomorrow.  I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather spend my last lunch with.

Had a terrible commute home and was grateful that I won’t have to deal with this commute much longer.


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January 18 – Day 1

This morning I received an email from my personnel supervisor wanting to meet with me.   We scheduled a time. As the morning passed my intuition kicked into high gear and I became certain that I was going to be terminated.   My intuition was correct and I was terminated after having been employed at this company for more than thirty years.  I also had turned 60 last October.

My immediate feeling was one of relief as I had been preparing for this day for a while.  I was also scared as I knew it meant that I was going to try to live cheaply for the next six years, trying not to dip into retirement until my 66th birthday.   I was also grateful because I qualified for a benefit that would provide a continuation of my insurance until I reached Medicare age.  I would be paying what the company’s  employees paid for health insurance — much less than  Cobra.  It was this benefit that made me think that I could swing living on my savings. We’ll see how that works out.

I had already removed personal items from my office several months ago because I thought my project coverage would end at the end of 2010. I made an effort to get rid of old materials that I was saving for easy reference rather than because they needed to be archived or saved.  I had had to pack my office to have the rug replaced a few months earlier and, at that time, I took the trouble to pack my items separately from those that belonged to the company.  I never bothered to unpack my stuff.  It was nice knowing that I could move out of my office easily and quickly.

Before I left my meeting I was asked to sign a statement that I has received a severance agreement.  I was also asked to check with my assignment supervisor to transition any remaining work.  I did and agreed to come in the next two days to finish a task and make sure some things were documented.  Then I left.


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