January 20 – Day 3

Today I felt even more relaxed and can’t wait for the transition to be completed so I don’t have to make this commute!

Decided to pack the car as soon as I got to work which I did.

Had a nice lunch at Thai Farm and managed to complete everything I wanted to by 4:00 so I got a jump on rush hour.

I was asked if I wanted to come back next week for a lunch with my team and some other folks that wanted to be part of a lunch for me. I said I would be delighted to come back for lunch.

Notified my personnel supervisor that I was done and turned in my badge and my blackberry.  Stopped by HR to ask a couple of questions.

Was surprised at how easy it was to walk out of the office the last time and then out of the building.  Said goodbye to my staff before I left.  They have been very supportive and shared nice sentiments with me over the last couple of days. I will treasure their thoughts.

I will have to get a new cell phone. A friend told me about Consumer Cellular where I could get a cheap plan and a free phone and accessories. That should be enough for me — something that will let family members contact me in an emergency.

Decided that I wanted to have a lawyer review my severance agreement before I signed it and decided to get a Greenbelt lawyer.

I feel as though I have gotten my life back!


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