January 21 – Day 4

My first day of retirement.  I slept in and then went down to Joe’s for breakfast.  In future I will probably eat at home and just get coffee while I talk to the other guys who have been laid off or are retired or are local home improvement contractors.  I drove down this morning but plan to walk down to the Aquatic Fitness Center which I joined before going to work on Wednesday.  I’ll work out and/or swim before going to Joe’s for a cup of coffee.

My friends at Joe’ s (and Joe)  were very supportive.  They are looking forward to seeing me more often.   I talked to them  about lawyers that they like. Will do the same with others until I arrive at a consensus about which lawyer to contact.

Ran some errands and enjoyed the fact that it was Friday and not a busy Saturday.

I dropped by  a friend’s house for a cup of coffee and we had a good visit.  He encouraged me to drop by more often and I told him I will definitely drop by more often.

Went home and let the dogs out.  They are enjoying the fact that I am sleeping in and home more.

All and all a good first day.  After talking to folks around town one lawyer’s name kept coming up so I called and made an appointment.  I’ll have him review my severance agreement before I sign it.

As I think about the weekend I keep reminding myself that I can enjoy the weekend now and leave all my errands for weekdays.   I think I am going to like being retired.




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